Q&A with Christine Reeves

Tell us about yourself

My name is Christine.  I’ve lived in Wigston since 2009 when I moved here for work. I’ve been retired since 2015.  I worked as a librarian for twenty-three years and was then made redundant so decided on a career change. I worked for a further eighteen years for HM Land Registry, initially in Harrow and then in Leicester.  I’ve two adult sons, living in Edinburgh and London.  My main interest is now in music; I play piano, organ, viola and recorder. The piano is my main instrument.  I started lessons as a child.  It wasn’t a very good start but then I got hooked as a teenager.

Steinway & Sons upright piano in mahogany finish, model K-52 (height: 132 cm / 52 in, width: 154 cm / 60.6 in, depth: 67 cm / 26.4 in, weight: 273 kg / 600 lb), manufactured at Steinway's factory in New York City.
Steinway & Sons upright piano in mahogany finish (Steinway & Sons, CC BY-SA)

Just before I retired, I decided I’d restart lessons and have a final attempt to improve my playing. The marketing brochure chose a snappy title to market it as ‘Speed dating for piano duet’.  I’m not sure if it improved or destroyed my reputation when I told younger work colleagues where I was going during my next week off!  I’m really missing the music groups I belong to in the current lockdown!

What do you enjoy most about Leicester?

I chose Leicester to move to in 2009 when the Harrow office shut.  This was because it was central for my sons to visit and for my parents and sister.  I also knew there was lots of amateur music-making.  I am really settled in now and like the fact that the city is large enough to support many special interest groups but small enough to get to know a large proportion of people who share my own interests.  I am pleased to be living in a university city and have enjoyed orchestral rehearsals in the Charles Wilson building and German classes at Languages at Leicester in the Attenborough Building.  This is really my motivation for getting involved with this project.

What do you know about the history of Leicester University?

I only know the broad outline of its founding as a memorial of the First Word War, its start as part of London University and the broad outlines given on the project website.  I am keen to find out more.

Have you volunteered before?

I’ve done a variety of voluntary work throughout my adult life.  It ranges from playing the organ for church services through acting as a treasurer and helping out in a youth group to serving coffee and washing up.  This is the first time I’ve been involved in a project like this one.

What are your views about volunteering?

I’ve found it a good way to get to know new people and ideas and to feel part of a community.

What do you expect to learn?

More about women in science at Leicester University and, particularly because of Covid-19, more about using IT.  I’m hoping to also learn things I don’t expect to, as that’s always a joy with learning.